Project Process

Once you have made up your mind and decided to let us carry the work. We would then setup an initial meeting with you and go through the details for your requirement and work with you until the project is 100% completed.

Here is our standard process that we choose to work in the last 10 years

1. Planning

The planning stage is arguably the most important and that’s why we always begin with research, analysis and careful information architecture.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project charter
  • Sitemap
  • Determine required server and resources

For us, it is really important to discuss with you about what are the most important features and then identify what are less important in order to prioritise tasks in development step to ensure our project would never missed deadline.


2. Design

Once we are absolutely clear about your project’s requirement, we will move on to design stage. At Quay Creative, our senior Graphic Designer would take care of this stage. Here, we’ll use the structure established in the planning phase to create a visual appealing user interface (UI) for your website.

  • Wireframe and design element planning
  • Mock-ups based on requirement analysis
  • Review and approval cycle
  • Slice and code valid XHMLT/CSS


3. Build

Once the design has been signed off, our talented web developers will then turn it into a fully functional website.

Quay Creative has more than 5 full-time developers and number of freelancers whose degrees were awarded from recognised UK Universities.  We specialise in standards based development to ensure your website will be future proof , high secure and encrypted, and accessible.

Depending on some projects, we could also use PHP Frameworks which developed by hundreds of web developers worldwide such as Yii Framework, WordPress, Drupal, Jooma etc.

At the development process, you are given an URL to a beta site so that you can check the progress of our project in real-time.


4. Launch

Now that your website has launched and it is visible of public viewing. We will provide maintenance and offer optimisation service  to boost your website traffic.

We will also offer monthly review of your website and advise if there is any room for improvement and meet your visitor expectation ensuring the site always keep up with your business perspectives.


What project management tool do we use?

It is simple, we use Agile Project Management. We gather all of your project requirements, pick up all most important task and divide them into number of sprints. Each sprint will be given a deadline to be completed by.. Your website is completed when all sprints are done.